Pjur Woman Aqua Water Based Personal Lubricant




WATER-BASED PERSONAL LUBRICANT SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR WOMEN: Pjur Woman Aqua is a premium water-based lubricant developed especially for women and the needs of female skin. In addition to the flawless glide properties, pjur WOMAN AQUA is moisturizing, thereby providing excellent care for dry, damaged skin, and not only in intimate areas.

SUITABLE FOR BOTH PENILE AND VAGINAL APPLICATION: Thanks to its gentle water-based formula, Pjur Woman Aqua Lubricant is suitable for both penile and vaginal applications.

DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED: Pjur Woman Aqua formula is dermatologist-tested to ensure maximum comfort for you and your partner. This lube is also compatible with all skin and mucous membranes!

HYPOALLERGENIC AND LATEX CONDOM SAFE: Pjur Woman Aqua Lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and it is free of fats, fragrances, or preservatives.

LONG-LASTING FORMULA: Pjur Woman Aqua lubricant offers long-lasting lubrication, and it never gets sticky or tacky for an easy and non-messy clean-up!


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